The Artists We Recommend

At Off The Wall we are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet a variety of remarkable artists and to carry some of their pieces in our store. Below is the growing list of artists we highly recommend.

Rob Vanderhorst

Rob's works, in the style of High Realism, embody grand themes and subject-matter. His witty and thought-provoking detail never fails to take you on a journey.

Michael Harris

Michael is known for his clever depictions of Canadian life. His works are hauntingly medieval in style.

Maya Hiort Petersen

Maya's art is full of colour, energy and life. Available from Maya are acrylic paintings, pen & ink drawings, vibrant painted lanterns & curio boxes and beautiful photography.

Lyle Crump

Lyle's art work is radiant and thought-provoking. Lyle's acrylic paintings and digitally touched photography pieces are available for purchase on his web page.

Roxanne Tracey

Roxane's art is powerful to observe since it knowingly touches your heart. It is art work that explores what it is to be human.