Custom Framing means...


We can provide expertise in the following areas: selection of mats and frames with the colour, style, and proportionality to suit your piece. We can advise you on how to hang the piece of art work. In some circumstances,we can come into your home and hang a piece for you. The framing team is united in its goal to ensure that the finished work is remarkable!

Customer Service

We can usually anticipate all of your art & framing needs with just a few, simple questions. We will quickly characterize the client's art work to make a selection of appropriate framing choices, keeping in mind the client's specific requests. We make quick, sound decisions if problems arise so that deadlines are consistently met.

Conservation Framing

To ensure the correct preservation of your valuable pieces, we offer a complete selection of archival materials, including: rag mats, UV filter glass, and acid free materials. Each piece must be considered separately so that the framing protects the art work but also won't alter it from its original condition. The framed piece is then museum quality finished and suitable for hanging in your own private museum.

Frame Selection

We can offer you a wide variety of frame styles, widths and colours. There is a frame for every individual taste. We can show you understated aluminum frames in a variety of metallic shades, rustic or chic natural wood frames, distressed frames for an aged character, elegant burls and lacquers, and classic gold and silver ornates.

Beautiful Results

We suggest framing your art work to best compliment the piece itself. Location and colour schemes may change through the years, but framing that best highlights the art work will be timeless.

Problem Solving

It is having the proven expertise to be confident in the face of a challenge, such as framing an oversized piece or framing an artifact made of a material never yet seen. Our clients feel secure to let us mount and frame their non-standard items: project plans, awards, valuable artifacts, delicate antique works and oversized pieces like this exquisite Indian cloth painting.